There are two methods of pricing used to calculate cost. Outright ownership or a licensing agreement of the images. Pricing is always calculated per image or by an agreed fixed rate. Please refer to the additional fees section at the bottom of this page for any extra costs that maybe occurred.

Pricing method 1 - Copyright Ownership

This is the simplest and most common way of pricing.

All images will be owned by you for life. The price will be calculated per image or an agreed upon fee before shooting commences. The price of the image includes the shooting and processing of the final image. You will own the copyright of the images and will be free to use them how you like.

Pricing method 2 - Licensing

This method of pricing is mainly used for large commercial organisations who require images to be licensed to them for legal reasons.

A licensing agreement is where the images will be licensed over a specific amount of time for an intended purpose and will be charged quarterly. The price will reflect the number of times the image is reproduced and on which platform the images will appear on (i.e. magazine, flyers, online etc...). The price is reflective of the marketing budget allocated for the promotion of your business using the images provided. The licence is calculated on an incremental percentage of both the cost of promotion and usage per image. This is to be agreed upon and signed before any shooting commences.

Additional Fees.

Travel costs are calculated at 20p per mile measured using google maps.

For long assignments (jobs longer than one day) then accommodation and food must be provided. If unable to provide then a fee of £70 per night and £20 per day will be invoiced. This of course will only apply to jobs taken on a lengthy distance from my office (Exeter).

If you require rooms to be dressed and are unable to provide assistance then there will be £90 fee per day for a room dressing assistant.

Any specialist equipment that may need to be hired will also be charged.